My Why & Me

Hello, I am Olivér Szabó.

Backpacking through South America, China and Europe after my University graduation opened my eyes to the issue of waste and plastic.

Climate change, to which my former company had contributed for 14 years and which can no longer be swept under the carpet, motivated me to change things, optimising everything from an ecological point of view. I wanted to do this both at home, in my private life, and at work - as a successful General Manager of an event location.

I did everything I could within my powers and ideas.

But I lost the joy and meaningfulness in what I did, so I wanted a change. I left my job and became self-employed. It became clear to me from the very start that in the future, I’d want to deal with environmental protection in the broadest sense.

I have a family with three children and what I will leave behind for them is very important to me.

Since I have more than 20 years experience in event management and motivating people, approaching the issue from this direction was an obvious choice.

I have contributed to the organisation of almost 1,000 events as a manager, including the 2005 Beach Volleyball World Championships in Berlin, many corporate events, motivational trainings and even weddings.


My special principles: I'm not trying to force anyone to do anything. I always want my counterpart to think things over, on the basis of my advice, what he really needs and what he doesn’t, eventually to be able to forgo something and still be completely happy.

Voluntarily forgoing something is not a loss, but is a step towards freedom.